Trulé goes to China

One can say that Chengdu and Évora will be connected by a string, or by animated forms, during a week.

Chengdu is a city in the southwest of China, with around 4 600 000 inhabitants. It has been heard of since the 5th century BC. Nowadays, it is an economic and cultural centre.

Évora is the Portuguese city where TRULÉ was born and still lives. Next Thursday, the company’s puppeteer, Manuel Dias, will depart to Chengdu, together with other two elements of the company and all of the “artists” of the “Amores e Humores da Bonecada” show. Their purpose is to participate in the 21st UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival, which will take place between the 27th May and the 3rd June 2012.

Around 100 puppet companies from all over the world take part in this renowned festival.
On average, TRULÉ goes to three to four international puppet festivals per year, in several different countries of the world. This is the 66th time that TRULÉ takes part in an international festival and its supporting organizations are: Camões Institute, through the Cultural Department of the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing; Fundação Oriente; Stanley Ho Foundation.

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